Volunteering for Target Hunger

This weekend I had the chance to help out our city’s food banks by volunteering for Target Hunger.  It was a wonderful opportunity to get out in the community and allowed me to bring my youngest son along, teaching him about how good helping others can feel.  We took to the streets of Lethbridge handing out bags for residents to fill with their non-perishables, and then on Saturday we went around and picked up the food that our great citizens had left on their doorsteps.

My wife and I were also able to volunteer at the collection and sorting centre, which gave me a great bird’s eye view of just how much food was donated.  I was blown away and humbled by the giving nature of the people of Lethbridge.  I want to take this moment to thank those of you who reached into your hearts and pantry’s and offered to help out those in need.  You have truly inspired me to keep the community volunteering vibe going.

This weekend got me to thinking that, while it is wonderful that the food banks organize this drive, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could do it more than once a year.  People need help from the food banks all year long, and while the donations were fantastic, I know that it isn’t enough to sustain the banks until next spring.

I would encourage those of you reading this to comment or reach out to me and let me know how you feel about this.  Do you think a once a year drive is sufficient, or do you think that this is something that could be done quarterly or bi-annually?

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