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I would like to take a page from the book of the Downtown BRZ. I think it is wonderful that there is an initiative in place to beautify the downtown core, but I would love to see that extend further to try and beautify our city as a whole.

I would like to see the business economy in Lethbridge thrive. As a business owner myself, I know how business works, and I would like to bring my experience in this arena into helping create and promote a more desirable economy in Lethbridge. We need to find a way to bring more jobs to Lethbridge. More jobs equals more people, which brings about a boost in economic growth.

Homelessness, poverty, and mental health issues are problems that plague many of our citizens. The system is broken and I would love to be able to help find ways to better access mental health programs, and work on improving our food banks and the homeless shelter.

We have two amazing post-secondary schools here in Lethbridge, but it seems like our students come here to get an education and leave for greener pastures. I would like to find a way to entice students to stay.
It would be great to see local talent stay local.

I would like sports and fitness be accessible to ALL children in Lethbridge. It’s not always easy for families to afford sports fees, gym and camps, memberships etc ….. All kids deserve the chance to be active in sports and team activities.

Lethbridge needs to become a more vibrant and desirable city for ALL ages. We need to promote a sense of community to not only the elderly that have lived here for decades, but to families and young professionals.

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