What I Stand For

I would like to take a page from the book of the Downtown BRZ. I think it is wonderful that there is an initiative in place to beautify the downtown core, but I would love to see that extend further to try and beautify our city as a whole.

I would like to see the business economy in Lethbridge thrive. As a business owner myself, I know how business works, and I would like to bring my experience in this arena into helping create and promote a more desirable economy in Lethbridge. We need to find a way to bring more jobs to Lethbridge. More jobs equals more people, which brings about a boost in economic growth.

Homelessness, poverty, and mental health issues are problems that plague many of our citizens. The system is broken and I would love to be able to help find ways to better access mental health programs, and work on improving our food banks and the homeless shelter.

We have two amazing post-secondary schools here in Lethbridge, but it seems like our students come here to get an education and leave for greener pastures. I would like to find a way to entice students to stay.
It would be great to see local talent stay local.

I would like sports and fitness be accessible to ALL children in Lethbridge. It’s not always easy for families to afford sports fees, gym and camps, memberships etc ….. All kids deserve the chance to be active in sports and team activities.

Lethbridge needs to become a more vibrant and desirable city for ALL ages. We need to promote a sense of community to not only the elderly that have lived here for decades, but to families and young professionals.

Meet the Candidate BBQ

Hello, everyone.  I just wanted to let you know that we will be hosting a Meet the Candidate BBQ at 882 Heritage Blvd W, this coming Saturday (September 23) from 11am – 3pm.  This is a great platform for me to meet my fellow Lethbridge residents, and to hear your concerns and questions regarding our beautiful city.  Food will be free, but we will be accepting donations on behalf of the Lethbridge Food Bank, should you feel inclined to donate.  I hope to see many of you there.  Bring your friends, family, concerned voters.  See you Saturday.

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Volunteering for Target Hunger

This weekend I had the chance to help out our city’s food banks by volunteering for Target Hunger.  It was a wonderful opportunity to get out in the community and allowed me to bring my youngest son along, teaching him about how good helping others can feel.  We took to the streets of Lethbridge handing out bags for residents to fill with their non-perishables, and then on Saturday we went around and picked up the food that our great citizens had left on their doorsteps.

My wife and I were also able to volunteer at the collection and sorting centre, which gave me a great bird’s eye view of just how much food was donated.  I was blown away and humbled by the giving nature of the people of Lethbridge.  I want to take this moment to thank those of you who reached into your hearts and pantry’s and offered to help out those in need.  You have truly inspired me to keep the community volunteering vibe going.

This weekend got me to thinking that, while it is wonderful that the food banks organize this drive, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could do it more than once a year.  People need help from the food banks all year long, and while the donations were fantastic, I know that it isn’t enough to sustain the banks until next spring.

I would encourage those of you reading this to comment or reach out to me and let me know how you feel about this.  Do you think a once a year drive is sufficient, or do you think that this is something that could be done quarterly or bi-annually?

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Local Businessman, Ross Morrell, Declares Intention to Run for Lethbridge City Council

Local Businessman, Ross Morrell, Declares Intention to Run for Lethbridge City Council – 94.1 CJOC-FM Lethbridge

A local businessman has publicly declared his intention to run for Lethbridge City Council.

A local businessman has publicly declared his intention to run for Lethbridge City Council.  Ross Morrell owns two Vape Shops in the city and is one of the founding members of the Canadian Vaping Association. He filed his “intent to run” papers on Friday. Morrell says he wants to be the candidate who is the “voice of the people” for the city. The civic election goes Monday, October 16th. For more information on Morrell, visit www.rossmorrell.ca -Tina Giesbrecht
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Business owner to vie for city council

Business owner to vie for city council – The Lethbridge Herald – News and Sports from around Lethbridge


By Villeneuve, Melissa on June 6, 2017.

Ross Morrell is running for city council for the upcoming fall municipal election. Herald photo by Tijana Martin @TMartinHerald

Melissa Villeneuve

Lethbridge Herald


A local business owner and journeyman chef is the next to announce his intentions to run for Lethbridge City Council in the October Municipal Election.

Ross Morrell filed his Application for Registration of Notice of Intent at city hall on Friday. It’s a new requirement for those intending to run for mayor or councillor positions prior to filing formal papers on Nomination Day (Sept. 18). Municipal Election Day is Oct. 16.

Originally from Calgary, Morrell obtained his Journeyman Chef designation from SAIT in 1986. He also holds a diploma in Hotel and Restaurant Management.

He currently is the owner of two Vape shops and is in his third term on the board of directors for the Canadian Vaping Association.

As one of the founding members of the CVA, Morrell had the foresight to see the need for legislation and regulation within the fast-growing industry.

“We have made such a difference. If it wasn’t for CVA, vaping probably wouldn’t exist in Canada,” said Morrell. “It’s been an amazing experience. I think being a city councillor would be an amazing experience as well.”

Morrell admits there would be a lot to learn, as he has not held a seat on council before, but Morrell says he’s up for the challenge.

“I think it really allows a chance to make a change, too,” he says. “They always say change starts with each person. You don’t really have the right to complain if you’re not willing to put yourself out there and get involved.”

Morrell enjoys getting involved with the community, recently assisting with Target Hunger.

“I’m a people person,” he says. “Even with my businesses in town, the best part is meeting the people. What comes with being a councillor is a lot of volunteering, helping people and getting out there to hear what they have to say.”

If he were to be elected as a city councillor, Morrell said there are several issues he would like to address. At the top of his list would be eliminating homelessness, and the need for more affordable housing in Lethbridge.

“If we can address that issue, Lethbridge will flourish. That’s something I’m really looking forward to getting involved in.”

Beautification of the city is also important, he says, noting the remnants of debris visible from the old dump to the north of Highway 3.

“That should be cleaned up or covered over. First impression is everything. It’s been there for years. That’s definitely something I’d like to take care of.”

With two post-secondary institutions in the city, Morrell said he also wants to find more ways to retain young graduates in Lethbridge.

“It’s a shame that most of those people come here and then go off to other cities,” he said. “We need to keep that talent here. That will help business.”

Morrell has been married to his wife Erin for 20 years. They’ve been raising their three sons in Lethbridge for almost a decade.

To learn more, visit Morrell’s website at http://www.rossmorrell.ca.

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Ross Morrell joins the race for City Council

Ross Morrell joins the race for City Council | lethbridgenewsNOW

LETHBRIDGE – A second candidate has emerged in the race for a spot on Lethbridge City Council this fall.

Ross Morrell spoke with Lethbridge News Now on Monday (June 5), and took some time to discuss why he’s decided to dive into municipal politics.

“I don’t want to say that there’s anything wrong with the council that’s there now, because they’re doing the best they can, but I just think that fresh blood, new ideas, might help make a change.”

As for his major campaign points, Morrell says there are a few problems in Lethbridge, and he believes they’re tied into a lack of affordable housing.

“Right now, there’s nothing here for people and they end up leaving and moving out of the city,” explained Morrell. “I think that’s another reason that causes so much homelessness in this town as well, is the fact that there’s just not affordable housing. I think we need more apartments, more housing that can drop that rate down.

“We have two amazing post-secondary schools here – the University of Lethbridge and Lethbridge College – and so many students go to those and then they end up leaving our city,” Morrell continued. “We’re losing out on new talent, again because of the housing situation here.”

While discussing his qualifications, Morrell said he’s been an entrepreneur and businessman for most of his life, and expects to bring a business mind to council. He also went over the experience that helped point him in this direction.

“I spent the last three years working on the Canadian Vaping Association, sitting as a board member there, and we really made some huge changes dealing with government on all levels, from municipal to provincial to federal, and I really enjoyed it and I thought this would be a good opportunity to continue that on.”

Morrell joins Nick Paladino in the race for a council position, with the deadline for nomination papers to be filed set on Sept. 18.

The Civic election has been scheduled for Oct. 16.

City Council 2017?

I would like to use this first post to announce my official bid to run for city councillor for the City of Lethbridge.  This morning, I filed my “Intent to Run” papers and look forward to the possibility of working with the citizens of Lethbridge and our local and municipal government.  I encourage you to contact me with any concerns and/or questions you may have, and urge you to keep an eye on this page for any and all updates pertaining to my campaign.  My goal is to be the candidate that is the voice of the people of our city.

I welcome comments and feedback via the “Contact Us” button on this page as well as my various social media platforms: