My Team Members

Campaign Advisor
  • Mark Kealey

  • Campaign Advisor
  • With over 30 years experience in public policy, advocacy and management Marc Kealey is a leading voice for transformation in health care - most notably in drug reform, governance and management. He is the Chief Advocate at K&A Inc., a public policy and management consultancy with clients in Canada and abroad. Prior to founding K&A in 2007, Kealey was appointed CEO of the Ontario Pharmacists’ Association – the largest professional organization serving the interests of pharmacists in Canada. Prior to his role at OPA, Mr. Kealey served as General Manager at AECL where he was a member of the Executive Management Team. Prior to that Kealey served as senior executive at Whitby General Hospital. Before this work, he served as an advisor to Rt. Hon. John N. Turner from 1984 to 1990. He served in both Prime Minister’s Office and Leader of the Official Opposition. His role was as an advisor on federal/provincial relations. He is a graduate of St. Jerome’s University at the University of Waterloo in Ontario and attended Kent State University in Ohio. He lives in Mississauga, Ontario Canada with his wife and family
Campaign Advisor
  • Nicky Kobly

  • Campaign Advisor
  • For the past 22 years, Nicky Kobly has consulted with the elected and administrative offices at the Alberta Legislature and various municipal governments. She held the roles of Director of Legislative Affairs, Municipal and Taxation Researcher, Seniors Researcher, Strategic Communications as well as Chief of Staff and Executive Director. She has consulted extensively on policy development, strategic relations and implementation of stakeholder interactions. Since 1995, she has provided government relations and advocacy for many for and not for profit entities across Canada. Her passion for Municipal Government and the issues faced by regions to bring quality to their citizens stems from both family involvement and a clear understanding that local government is the government with the most impact on the citizens of Alberta. As such, she has taken many roles in the strategic planning, campaign managing, CFO, and volunteer on over 45 campaigns for municipal government. She has acted in the same capacities through various provincial elections and enjoys the vibrant and dynamic flow of a campaign. Her strategy is “Never campaign against someone, campaign FOR your region” and she brings this belief of positivity to every candidate she supports.
  • Erin Morrell

  • Communications
  • Being Ross’ wife for the past 20 years has given me the opportunity to see his campaign goals from inception. Myself being born and raised in southern Alberta, I’m glad I could show my “big city” husband how wonderful it can be living in a smaller, more community-focused place. I fully support his desire to run for city council and have seen first hand the love he has developed for this city and its people. And if I’m being honest, who better to handle his communications, schedule, social media, and appointments than the woman who’s been doing it behind the scenes for 20 years?]
Sign Chair
  • Robert Messenger

  • Sign Chair
  • Rob has been an employee for Ross for the past 2 and a half years in his business as a store manager. In that time he’s been a hard-working a dedicated employee, doing everything in his power to help the business succeed. He has graciously offered his time to ensuring we have sign coverage during this campaign.
Public Relations and IT Consultant.
  • Beatrice Singer

  • Public Relations and IT Consultant.
  • Beatrice has had a long and successful career working in many facets of the IT industry ranging from security to website design and copywriting. She currently works from home as an IT consultant specialising in website design as well as social media platforms and campaigns. Beatrice has been involved in educational politics for many years, serving on many boards advocating for change to the educational landscape at a provincial level. The last few years has found Beatrice taking an active role in advocating for the e-cigarette industry and currently is active within the CVA as both a membership representative and most recently, webmaster for the CVA.